Kid Acne

Kid Acne was born in Malawi in 1978. He grew up in England and is currently based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. His career as an artist began with an appearance on Rolf’s Cartoon Club at the age of twelve. Within a year, he’d started writing graffiti and was in hospital recovering from a bad acid trip. Neither were related to Rolf in any way. Applying the same DIY ethos to the rest of his output, he spent his teenage years creating underground fanzines and releasing limited run 7″s on his own Invisible Spies imprint. Nowadays, his work can be seen throughout the world – in galleries from Helsinki to Melbourne and in wheatpastes and rap-sprays from New York to Azerbaijan. His signature style of illustrations have furnished products for the planet’s leading brands, while the man himself continues to paint epic slogans in subzero temperatures.
And heĀ stillĀ has ace.