CASE STUDYO is a publisher and producer of artworks by contemporary artists. We collaborate with artists from a broad artistic scene.

Because we are triggered by the changing boundaries of the art world, different forms and places of creative expression and the abolishment of predefined rules we do not limit ourselves to a certain style or visual language. We let our eyes and feelings go towards artists we consider to be important within the interesting and changing times we live in.

Our collaborations result into fine art works, furniture or other functional objects. With our projects we strive to push new boundaries of art a bit further and grab the art of today and share it through the limited series.

The CASE STUDYO artworks are the result of a unique collaboration between our studio and the artist. We choose not simply to repeat or reproduce an existing artwork. We opt for a new creation, where interaction between CASE STUDYO and the artist creates an own story – a case study – resulting in a unique object, edited in several pieces.

CASE STUDYO doesn’t operate out of a gallery; we work directly with artists and collaborate with their representing galleries. Available works can be acquired through our contact page.

CASE STUDYO is born out of the creative agency Toykyo. In 2012 they decided that it was time to take the limited edition artworks to the next level and give it dedicated focus. The rich history of Toykyo art-collabs & productions are included in this website as the foundation of our new venture.