Barely leaving his soiled diapers, POINTDEXTR started creating his own universe using paper and pencil influenced by heavy metal, hip hop and comic books.
The love for explosive visual culture was further cultivated when he discovered a new set of tools: spray cans. The application of colourful graphics to various surfaces opened his eyes to the world of graphic design & illustration. Continuing his journey at Sint-Lucas Ghent school of arts, he earned his masters degree in 2004. Today he happily spends his time in Ghent based design studio Toykyo.
As one of its leading art directors, he helped build Toykyo as an established studio tackling assignment for clients with a playful mindset for over 10 years.
Shape and colour never cease to present new challenges and remain an endless source of inspiration for imagery that is dark and cheerful at the same time. The twisted inner child still has the upper hand and translates itself to a wide range of disciplines.