Craig Redman (Darcel)

Craig Redman is an Australian born artist & illustrator.
He was founder of the renowned design collective Rinzen. In 2011 he formed with his friend Karl Maier their own Studio Craig&Karl.
His current work is filled with simple messages executed in a colourful, bold and secretly optimistic way, and aside from illustration he work in fabric design, typography, editorial design and art direction. His illustrated blog, Darcel Disappoints, chronicles one disappointing moment after another as the protagonist navigates his way through everyday life in downtown New York. From dull solitary moments to getting inappropriately drunk at crowded openings, Darcel casts a cynical eye (singular) on himself and the stuff that surrounds him. Art, shopping, eating, booze, aspirations and anxiety all fall victim to Darcel’s purview through his trusty (and rusty) monocle. Punctured with occasional moments of happiness, the blog’s visual approach is spare, but bright, and the small scenes elude to bigger stories and ideas.
Craig lives and works in New York City.