Morgan Blair

Morgan Blair is interested in the relationship between highly personal, specific, and familiar elements of our world and the surreal, absurd-to-the-point-of-being-abstract bastardizations of those elements that we generate and reflect back to ourselves through the internet. Blair collects stills from homemade craft tutorials on YouTube, Craigslist “free stuff” photos, and children’s claymations for their common quality of having been several times removed from reality, both visually and conceptually. In studying and manipulating these images, she pushes them further into and pulls them back from abstraction, and assigns run-on, stream-of-consciousness titles combining personal, political and pop culture references.
Morgan Blair (b. 1986, Worcester, MA.) is an artist based in Ridgewood, Queens. She received her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design in 2008. She has shown her work at The Hole (New York), Paul Kasmin Gallery (New York), Shane Campbell (Chicago), Andrew Rafacz (Chicago), Richard Heller (Los Angeles), Left Field (San Luis Obispo), Eighteen (Copenhagen) and The Newcomb Art Museum (New Orleans). Blair also paints large-scale murals, and makes hand-cut wooden jigsaw puzzles as Puzzle Time.